by Damian Stewart,

Stephen Williams and

Brian Main, 2013


Drawify is an absurdly funny massively multiplayer online drawing game that is a combination of Telephone or Chinese Whispers and guess-the-word style drawing games.

Players take turns to either make a drawing to illustrate a text they're given, or to write a short text to describe a drawing. Their new drawing or text is then sent on to the next player. After several rounds the original text or drawing has mutated, morphed and branched in ways that are sometimes mundane, sometimes bizarre, sometimes absurd, and almost always hilarious!

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• Play with your Friends on iPhone and iPod Touch!
Find your friends easily with our built-in Facebook integration.

• No Drawing Skills Required!
Drawify is all about stick figures, poorly drawn turtles and monkeys, and absurdity. Missing the point is the point!

• Turn-based Gameplay
Perfect for gamers on the move. Play as much or as little as you like, when you like. Or, just browse what other people have created.

• Fluid Collaborative Story Creation
Branch a story at any point and add your own interpretation.

• Massively Multiplayer
Stories grow and grow, and branch and then continue to grow... Endless hours of amusement can be found just by exploring the world.

! ! ! NOTE ! ! !

We are still in the testing phase of our game, and we are working hard to find and fix all the last small bugs – please be gentle when writing reviews! :)

And of course we would be very happy to receive your suggestions, comments or bug reports at hello@drawifyapp.com

! ! ! NOTIZ ! ! !

Wir befinden uns noch in der Testphase useres Spieles, und wir arbeiten fest daran, all die kleinen letzten Fehler aufzudecken und zu beheben – deshalb würden wir gerne um “Sanftmütigkeit” beim Review-Schreiben bitten! :)

Und natürlich würden wir uns freuen, Empfehlungen, Kommentare oder Fehlerberichte unter folgender email zu erhalten: